The Area

Bar CK Cattle Company and Mike and JD Alley Farms is located just outside of Culver in Central Oregon overlooking Lake Billy Chinook with views of 11 different mountain peaks that are snow covered all year long. Smith Rock, a favorite destination for mountain climbers and photographers, lays bout 10 miles southeast of ranch head quarters.

Central Oregon sets in a rain shadow area and receives less than 9 inches of rain annually.

The Cascade Mountains are less than 50 miles to the west and receive more than 250 inches of rainfall annually, mostly in the form of snow. This is the steepest precipitation gradient in the world.
Farm crops rely on stored irrigation water that is spring fed on non irrigated pastures that are steep and rugged. It can require more than 300 acres to summer a cow/calf pair of 5 months.

Cattle are moved to irrigated hay fields or meadows in the fall and then moved to winter feed grounds where they can be fed hay for up to 5 months.