Berry Anderson, Manager Tree Top Ranches,
"Bar CK bulls and their calves are by far our best disposition cattle we have. We have turned the bulls out in big, rough country and they have came back in good shape. We produced nearly 6200 calves last year; the Bar CK group of over 1750 was the heaviest weaning. This year we have retained a higher percentage of the heifers sired by Bar CK bulls than any other sire group".




Ron Rowan, Beef Northwest, "SimAngusTM are a natural choice for natural programs, the heterosis they supply helps make up for the income lost from not hormone implanting".




Nathan Jackson, Gerber Ranch, Bonanza Oregon, “We have been using Bar CK bulls for several years. Our calves have topped big feeder sales and have been in demand by our order buyer. The last 4 bulls we have purchased from Bar CK have been high API bulls and our calves are more uniform than ever. This year's heifers calved to Bar CK bulls without any assistance”.




Here is what Nancy Porter, pictured with Margo, had to say about our bulls.  "When I started using Bar CK bulls I was in a terrible financial fix. In short order their bulls made it so I could afford to ranch again. I would not change a thing about my Bar CK bulls!"