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225BAR CK 1219Z 5143C30432009/30/2015Video
224BAR CK 1006X 5226C304328111/8/2015Video
223BAR CK MS 4080B 7193E(3370691)10/14/2017Video
207BAR CK MS 5186C 8004F(3518972)9/2/2018Video
204BAR CK MS 56B 8014F(3518978)9/5/2018Video
206BAR CK MS 5186C 8018F(3518980)9/6/2018Video
211BAR CK MS 4080B 8019F(3518982)9/6/2018Video
217BAR CK MS 5186C 8024F-35189899/7/2018Video
219BAR CK MS 5186C 8035F(3519071)9/8/2018Video
221BAR CK MS 4080B 8050F(3519006)9/9/2018Video
216BAR CK MS 5186C 8061F(3519014)9/10/2018Video
209BAR CK MS 4856B 8070F(3519024)9/11/2018Video
212BAR CK MS 4080B 8088F(3519045)9/12/2018Video
215BAR CK MS 4080B 8093F(3519051)9/13/2018Video
213BAR CK MS 4080B 8094F(3519052)9/13/2018Video
202BAR CK MS 4080B 8113F(3519069)9/15/2018Video
218BAR CK MS 5186C 8115C(3519071)9/15/2018Video
222BAR CK MS 4080B 8130F(3519085)9/18/2018Video
203BAR CK MS 4080B 8151F(3519102)9/26/2018Video
208BAR CK 5186C 8170F(3519122)10/2/2018Video