Sale Bulls

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122BAR CK 4196B 921G(3766544)10/14/2019Video
123BAR CK 7722 914G(3766570)9/13/2019Video
124BAR CK 56B 9007G(3766710)9/1/2019Video
125BAR CK 0332P 9111G(3766679)9/14/2019Video
126BAR CK 0332P 9130G(3766602)9/18/2019Video
127BAR CK 708T 9140G(3766649)9/21/2019Video
128BAR CK 5530 9074G(3766773)9/8/2019Video
129BAR CK 5530 9046G(3766779)9/6/2019Video
130BAR CK 5530 9064G(3766770)9/7/2019Video
131BAR CK 4856B 9269G(3766791)12/22/2019Video