Sale Bulls

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121BAR CK C154 8183F(3519136)10/4/2018Video
122BAR CK 4118B 8266F(3519236)11/10/2018Video
123BAR CK 4118B 8109F(3519068)9/14/2018Video
124BAR CK 5186C 8235F(3519188)10/19/2018Video
125BAR CK 4080B 8072F(3519025)9/11/2018Video
126BAR CK BALANCE 8304B364862010/5/2018Video
127BAR CK 5186C 8128F(3519079)9/17/2018Video
128BAR CK 5186B 8041F(3519242)9/8/2018Video
129BAR CK 4196B 804F(3519043)9/12/2018Video
130BAR CK4080B 8073F(3519026)9/11/2018Video
131BAR CK 3048A 83F(3519166)10/12/2018Video
132BAR CK 5186C 8055F(3519030)9/9/2018Video
133BAR CK 5186C 8006F(3518976)9/3/2018Video
134BAR CK 4196B 826F(3519238)11/27/2018Video
135BAR CK 4196B 816F(3519164)10/11/2018Video
136BAR CK 4118B 8231F(3519185)10/18/2018Video
137BAR CK 4080B 8228F(3519182)10/18/2018Video