Sale Bulls

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101BAR CK 5078C 8176F(3519129)10/2/2018Video
102BAR CK 3016A 811F(3519081)9/17/2018Video
103BAR CK 3016A 8023F(3518988)9/7/2018Video
104BAR CK 3016A 8036F(3519000)9/8/2018Video
105BAR CK 5078C 8214F(3519162)10/10/2018Video
106BAR CK 3016A 8239F(3519194)10/22/2018Video
107BAR CK 5186C 8261F(3519218)11/6/2018Video
108BAR CK 5186C 8257F(3519214)11/3/2018Video
109BAR CK 5186C 8053F(3519009)9/9/2018Video
110BAR CK 4080B 8017F(3518981)9/6/2018Video
111BAR CK 4856B 8208F(3519157)10/8/2018Video
112BAR CK 4856B 8206F(3519155)10/8/2018Video
113BAR CK 4856B 8241F(3519198)10/24/2018Video
114BAR CK 4856B 8177F(3519130)10/2/2018Video
115BAR CK 4856B 8201F(3519150)10/7/2018Video
116BAR CK 4118B 8271F351922811/14/2018Video
117BAR CK C154 8194F(3519193)10/22/2018Video
118BAR CK C154 8173F(3519123)10/2/2018Video
119BAR CK 4118B 8027F(3519020)9/8/2018Video
120BAR CK C154 8199F(3519148)10/7/2018Video