Sale Bulls

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101BAR CK 3016A 9131G(3766766)9/18/2019Video
102BAR CK 3016A 9192G(3766817)10/5/2019Video
103BAR CK 3016A 9119G(3802603)9/17/2019Video
104BAR CK 3016A 9181G(3766771)10/3/2019Video
105BAR CK 3016A 908G(3766584)9/8/2019Video
106BAR CK 5011C 9167G(3766765)10/1/2019Video
107BAR CK 5011C 9204G(3766593)10/11/2019Video
108BAR CK 5011C 9193G(3766572)10/5/2019Video
110BAR CK 3006A 9172G(3766792)10/1/2019Video
111BAR CK 3006A 9155G(3766811)9/27/2019Video
112BAR CK 3006A 9215G(3766827)10/14/2019Video
113BAR CK 3006A 9237G(3766790)10/25/2019Video
114BAR CK 3006A 9162G(3766809)9/29/2019Video
115BAR CK 5186C 9247G(3766629)10/28/2019Video
116BAR CK 5186C 9213G(3766618)10/14/2019Video
117BAR CK 5186C 9175G(3766600)10/2/2019Video
118BAR CK 5186C 9210G(3766638)10/13/2019Video
119BAR CK 5186C 9236G(3766747)10/25/2019Video
120BAR CK 4196B 9126G(3766555)9/17/2019Video
121BAR CK 4196B 922G(3766560)10/25/2019Video