Sale Bulls

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81BAR CK 5186C 809F(3519075)9/17/2018Video
82BAR CK 708T 8082FEM9313359/12/2018Video
83BAR CK 708T 8098FEM9313079/13/2018Video
84BAR CK 0332P 8132FEM9313059/19/2018Video
85BAR CK 0332P 8145FEM9313049/23/2018Video
86BAR CK 6424 8131FEM9310339/19/2018Video
87BAR CK 708T 8095FEM9313089/13/2018Video
88BAR CK 708T 8057FEM9313119/10/2018Video
89BAR CK 708T 8099FEM9313109/13/2018Video
90BAR CK 4856B 8171F(3519121)10/2/2018Video
91BAR CK 4856B 8189F(3519140)10/5/2018Video
92BAR CK 4856B 8200F351914910/7/2018Video
93BAR CK 4856B 8211F(3519160)10/10/2018Video
94BAR CK 4856B 8168F(3519119)10/1/2018Video
95BAR CK 5186C 8138F(3519090)9/21/2018Video
96BAR CK 5186C 8187F(3519138)10/4/2018Video
97BAR CK 5186C 8188F(3519139)10/5/2018Video
98BAR CK 56B 8092F(3519050)9/13/2018Video
99BAR CK 56B 8116F(3519245)9/18/2018Video
100BAR CK 5078C 8205F(3519154)10/8/2018Video