Sale Bulls

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81BAR CK 3016A 9081G(3766575)9/9/2019Video
82BAR CK 3016A 9026G(3766769)9/3/2019Video
83BAR CK 3016A 9146G(3766689)9/24/2019Video
84BAR CK 3016A 9114G(3766690)9/15/2019Video
85BAR CK 3016A 9262G(3766708)11/14/2019Video
86BAR CK 3016A 9051G(3766677)9/6/2019Video
87BAR CK 3016A 9095G(3766688)9/11/2019Video
88BAR CK 3016A 9035G(3766662)9/5/2019Video
89BAR CK 3016A 901G(3766549)9/3/2019
90BAR CK 3016A 9041G(3766614)Video
91BAR CK 3016A 9110G(3766598)9/14/2019Video
92BAR CK 3016A 9048G(3766609)9/6/2019Video
93BAR CK 3016A 9230G(3766686)10/19/2019Video
94BAR CK 3016A 902G(3766550)9/3/2019Video
95BAR CK 3016A 9129G(3766589)9/17/2019Video
96BAR CK 3016A 9042G(3766714)9/5/2019Video
97BAR CK 3016A 9245G(3766712)10/31/2019Video
98BAR CK 3016A 9057G(3766800)9/6/2019Video
99BAR CK 3016A 9174G(3766757)10/2/2019Video
100BAR CK 3016A 9037G(3766762)9/5/2019Video