Sale Bulls

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61BAR CK 56B 8150F(3519101)9/26/2018Video
62BAR CK 56B 8020F(3519243)9/6/2018Video
63BAR CK C154 8165F(3519115)9/30/2018Video
64BAR CK C154 8259F(3519216)11/5/2018Video
65BAR CK 4118B 8234F(3519220)10/19/2018Video
66BAR CK 4118B 8197F(3519145)10/6/2018Video
67BAR CK 4118B 8068F(3519023)9/11/2018Video
68BAR CK 3016A 8043F(3519001)9/8/2018Video
69BAR CK 3016A 8062F(3519015)9/10/2018Video
70BAR CK 3016A 8133F(3522035)9/19/2018Video
71BAR CK 3016A 8191F(3519202)10/6/2018Video
72BAR CK 5078C 8192F(3519142)10/6/2018Video
73BAR CK 5078C 8209F(3519158)10/9/2018Video
74BAR CK 5078C 8244F(3519199)10/25/2018Video
75BAR CK 5078C 8195F(3519146)10/6/2018Video
76BAR CK 5078C 8236F(3519189)10/20/2018Video
77BAR CK 5251CD 8229F(3519183)10/18/2018Video
78BAR CK 5251CD 8223F351917710/14/2018Video
79BAR CK 1006X 808F(3519065)9/14/2018Video
80BAR CK 1006X 815F(3519094)9/22/2018Video