Sale Bulls

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41BAR CK 5186C 8149F(3519126)9/26/2018Video
42BAR CK 4080B 8066F(3519019)9/10/2018Video
43BAR CK 4080B 8106F(3519062)9/14/2018Video
44BAR CK 4080B 8071F(3519034)9/11/2018Video
45BAR CK 4080B 8101F(3519057)9/13/2018Video
46BAR CK 1006X 8063F(3519016)9/10/2018Video
47BAR CK 1006X 8022F(3518987)9/7/2018Video
48BAR CK 4856B 8147F(3519099)9/24/2018Video
49BAR CK 4856B 8136F(3519088)9/20/2018Video
50BAR CK 4856B 8179F(3519132)10/3/2018Video
51BAR CK 3016A 8023F(3518996)9/8/2018Video
52BAR CK 4856B 8260F(3519217)11/5/2018Video
53BAR CK 3016A 802F(3518992)9/7/2018Video
54BAR CK BALANCE 8305B364862110/6/2018Video
55BAR CK 3016A 8156F(3519107)9/28/2018Video
56BAR CK 5186C 8059F(3519012)9/10/2018Video
57BAR CK 5186C 8067F(3519022)9/11/2018Video
58BAR CK 5186C 8044F(3519002)9/9/2018Video
59BAR CK 5186C 8255F(3519213)11/1/2018Video
60BAR CK 56B 805F(3519056)9/13/2018Video