Sale Bulls

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21BAR CK D948 9152G(3766797)9/26/2019
22BAR CK D948 9158G(3766583)9/28/2019
23BAR CK D948 9176G(3766634)10/2/2019Video
24BAR CK D948 9082G(3766682)9/9/2019Video
25BAR CK D948 9085G(3766818)9/10/2019Video
26BAR CK D948 9105G(3766587)9/13/2019Video
27BAR CK D948 9135G(3766615)9/20/2019Video
28BAR CK D948 9107G(3766751)9/13/2019Video
29BAR CK D948 9138G(3766667)9/21/2019Video
30BAR CK D948 9071G(3766657)9/8/2019Video
31BAR CK D948 9087G(3766612)9/10/2019
32BAR CK 1006X 91G(3766604)9/18/2019Video
33BAR CK 1006X 9133G(3766637)9/19/2019Video
32BAR CK 1006X 9145G(3766664)9/23/2019Video
35BAR CK 1006X 9089G(3766721)9/10/2019Video
36BAR CK 1006X 907G(3766545)9/8/2019Video
37BAR CK 1006X 9031G(3766566)9/4/2019
38BAR CK 1006X 9128G(3766588)9/17/2019Video
39BAR CK 1006X 911G(3766554)9/10/2019Video
40BAR CK 1006X 9171G(3766784)10/1/2019Video