Sale Bulls

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21Ashland 8303F1959051311/1/2018Video
22BAR CK 3016A 8052F(3519008)9/9/2018Video
23BAR CK 3016A 8158F(3519109)9/28/2018Video
24BAR CK 3016A 8077F(3519032)9/11/2018Video
25BAR CK 3016A 8203F(3519152)10/7/2018Video
26BAR CK 3016A 8029F(3518993)9/8/2018Video
27BAR CK 4080B 8222F351917610/14/2018Video
28BAR CK 4080B 8009F(3518974)9/2/2018Video
29BAR CK 4080B 8091F(3519049)9/13/2018Video
30BAR CK 5186C 8105F(3519127)9/14/2018Video
31BAR CK 5186C 8086F(3519042)9/12/2018Video
32BAR CK 5186C 8097F(3519054)9/13/2018Video
33BAR CK 5186C 8083F(3519047)9/12/2018Video
34BAR CK 5251CD 8247F(3519205)10/27/2018Video
35BAR CK 5251CD 8221F(3519175)10/14/2018Video
36BAR CK 5251CD 8273F(3519232)11/20/2018Video
37BAR CK 5251CD 8252F(3519210)10/30/2018Video
38BAR CK 4118B 8182F(3519135)10/4/2018Video
39BAR CK 4118B 8268F(3519223)11/12/2018Video
40BAR CK 4118B 8181F351913410/3/2018Video