Sale Bulls

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1BAR CK 1006X 8103F(3519060)9/13/2018Video
2BAR CK 3016A 8030F(3518994)9/8/2018Video
3BAR CK 3016A 8075F(3519028)9/11/2018Video
4BAR CK 3016A 8193F(3519143)10/6/2018Video
5BAR CK 4118B 8102F(3519058)9/13/2018Video
6BAR CK 4118B 8051F(3519007)9/9/2018Video
7BAR CK 4118B 8174F(3519125)10/2/2018Video
8BAR CK 4118B 8152F(3519103)9/27/2018Video
9BAR CK 7722 8085F(3519041)9/12/2018Video
10BAR CK 7722 8078F(3519033)9/11/2018Video
11BAR CK 3016A 8015F(3518979)9/5/2018Video
12BAR CK 56B 8031F(3518995)9/8/2018Video
13BAR CK 100 PROOF 8104F(3519061)9/13/2018Video
14BAR CK 4856B 8135F(3519087)9/20/2018Video
15BAR CK 4856B 8137F(3519089)9/20/2018Video
16BAR CK 4856B 8142F(3519093)9/22/2018Video
17BAR CK C154 8270F(3519225)11/13/2018Video
18BAR CK C154 8162F(3519113)9/30/2018Video
19Ashland 8301F195905119/23/2018Video
20Ashland 8302F195905129/28/2018Video