About Bar CK Cattle Company

Bar CK Cattle Company and Mike & JD Alley Farms is family owned and operated. Currently we run about 250 registered Sim-Angus and purebred Simmental cows.

We produce 7,000 to 8,000 tons of Timothy, Orchard Grass and Alfalfa hay annually. Most of the Timothy is marketed for export to the Asian rim, while the premium alfalfa, orchargrass and mixed hays are sold to dairies and feedstores. Feeder type hays are marketed to local cattlemen and the leftover hay is fed to Bar CK Cattle.

We have literally grownup in agriculture and the cattle industry. Mike and JD grew up on a family farm and commercial feedlot. The feedlot had a capacity of 4000 head and fed cull potatoes to finish cattle.

The Alley family raised hay, corn silage, specialty seed crops and had a large commercial cow herd. At one time they ran over 1200 cows. Margo was raised on a large commercial ranch in central Oregon. Her family runs about 600 cows. Tammy's family grows potatoes and onions along with other rotational crops. They also operate one of the largest fresh potato packing sheds in the north west. We are in agriculture for a living not a hobby. We understand the hardships and challenges our customers face.

Bar CK Cattle Company started when Mike and Crystal were at a Simmental sale in 1997 and purchased a bred heifer. That heifer had a bull call which Crystal sold and from there we stared building our herd. Each year Crystal and Katelyn bought heifers to build a college fund with monies received from 4-H steer projects, hence the name Bar CK.

While the nucleus we chose to start our herd came from the show ring, we quickly learned the cattle had to be profitable in the real world. Therefore, we began selecting cattle that excelled in economic traits. The best way to measure that is with a whole life cycle EPD like the American Simmental Association's API (All Purpose Index). Our sole purpose is to satisfy our customers by making them more money. The two biggest factors that determine whether a cowman makes money are if the cow weans a calf (how long she stays in the herd) and how much maintenance the cow requires. But whole life cycle profit doesn't stop there. Feedlots and packing plants must be profitable too and most importantly of all, consumers must like the final product. The cool thing is that we now have a one number EPD tool that can do all of that with great accuracy, API. Our bulls are in the very top echelon for API.

Give us a call anytime and we can talk cows.