Upcoming Sale - February 13, 2018

This year will be the 5rthannual Profit Sharing Sale held at Bar CK on February 13, 2017. We will be offering 150+ SimAngusTM
herd bulls and 60 prime producing females from our Fall calving program that offer progressive changes to any cow herd looking to increase its profit. These genetics will increase heterosis and uniformity simultaneously and are some of the highest profit indexing cattle in existence, no matter what the breed.

The vast majority of the bulls will be 18 months or older and offer birth weight and calving ease numbers safe to use on English heifers. Additionally these cattle will qualify for natural marketing programs and because they are loaded with carcass traits they fit nicely in quality grids like CAB.

Currently, we are offering a $50.00 discount for each bull if five or more are purchased and $100 discount for ten or more. All bulls are guaranteed to be fertile, are curly calf, fawn calf, and hydrocephalus free and bulls selling for over $4,000 are warranted for their first 90 day breeding season.

Retained Interest In Bulls:
 We are selling full possession, full salvage value and 50% revenue sharing semen interest in every bull. The buyer has total control of how the bull is handled plus gets 100% of the salvage value. This simply gives Bar CK the right to half of the semen sales revenue if at some time in the future semen sales become a possibility. If a buyer is not interested in marketing the semen from a bull then Bar CK has the right to collect a semen bank on the bull at our cost and the buyer's convenience. This semen bank would be 100% owned by Bar CK for our use or marketing. Realistically speaking it is unlikely that large amounts of semen will be sold from very many bulls. However, we have several top-end bulls whose true breeding value will only be known after progeny data has been recorded and evaluated. Even bulls sold to commercial herds may become popular at a later time, especially if carcass data is collected on their calves. Contact us for different options on how data can be collected on sires relatively inexpensively. If you choose to collect semen from one of these bulls as an “insurance policy” for your own use, that semen is 100% yours. We want to have a great partnership with you.


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